The total solution of TIG welding


Metal fabrication workshops

Shipyards and offshore industry

Chemical and process industry

Mechanized welding

These Materials:




Stick (SMAW)

Input Power:

400V, 3-Phase

Amperage Range:20-500A

Rated Output at 40℃ (104℉):

500A at 26V @60% Duty Cycle

Weight: 85kg

General View Of Control Panel

1. Welding Process



2. Ammeter/Voltmeter Display

3. Pulser Control

Pulse ON/OFF selection.

4. Mode2T(STD)/4T(HOLD)/Spot Arc

5. Arc Ignition PolarityDC+/DC-

6. AC Waveshape types

Advanced Squarewave

Triangular Wave


MIX Frequency: 0.1Hz~5Hz

8. Tungsten Electrode Dia.

rom 2.0mm to 4.0mm

9. Remote: used for foot pedal or Remote torch.

Local: adjusted Currents bu face panel

10. AC Waveshape

AC Frequency Range: 20Hz~200Hz

AC Clean Width(AC Balance): +40~-40

AC Clean Ratio(AC Bias)%:+30~-50

11. Memory

12. Encoder Control

13. Select welding parameters button

14. Function Sequence

MIX TIG Control

Features of MIX TIG:

The AC current can get a very good clearance, and DC current can get a deeper penetration. Use the MIX TIG we can get an excellent Arc Concentration, can be carried out the excellent welding performance from thin to thick plate.

1)Nice weld appearance, deep penetration.

2) Excellet Arc Concentration..

3) Substantially reduce the electrode consumption.

MIX TIG Frequency (Hz):

the cycle time of MIX

TIG in 1 second. Adjustable range: 0.1-10Hz..

MIX TIG Balance (DC) %:

DC Balance (%) = (tad/Tmix) x 100

AC Waveshape Controls

AC Frequency control

Controls the width of the Controls the width of the arc cone.

Increasing the AC Frequency provides a more focused arc with increased directional control.

Note: Decreasing the AC Frequency softens the arc and broadens the weld puddle for a wider weld bead.

AC Balance Control

Controls arc cleaning action. Adjusting the % EN of the AC wave controls the width of the etching zone surrounding the weld..

Note: Set the AC Balance control for adequate arc cleaning action at the sides and in front of the weld puddle. AC Balance should be fine tuned according to how heavy or thick th eoxides are.

Independent AC Amperage Control

Allows the EN and EP amperage values to beset independently. Adjusts the ratio of EN to EP amperage to.

precisely control heat EN amperage controls the level of penetration, while EP amperage dramatically effects the arc cleaning action along with the AC Balance control.

Pulsed TIG Controls

The Pulsed TIG function switches the amperage from a high(peak) to a low(background) at a set rate(PPS). Pulsing can reduce heat input by lowering the average amperage,increasing control of the weld puddle, penetration and distortion. The following parameters can be adjusted for desired results:

Low-Speed Pulse

1 to 10 pulses per second(PPS) will produce a distinct ripple pattern in the weld bead. Can be used to time filler addition,reduce distortion and improve control.

High-Speed Pulse

100 pulses per second(PPS) and higher helps to focus the arc for increased stability, penetration an d travel speed. Increased puddle agitation improves weld microstructure.


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